UMIT: Announcement of Opening of 15 PhD Student Positions
√ĖGBMT Jahrestagung 2021 - √ĖGBMT Anniversary Conference 2021
Ausschreibung BMT-Professur, MedUni Wien
9. Medtec Sommerakademie 11.-17. Juli 2021
UMIT: Announcement of Opening of 15 PhD Student Positions
Announcement of Opening of 15 PhD Student Positions in New Doctoral School „Image Guided Diagnostics and Therapy- Academic Research Triangle (IGDT-ART)“ in Innsbruck.
Three major universities located in Innsbruck, Austria (Medical University of Innsbruck MUIUniversity of Innsbruck LFUIPrivate University for Health Sciences, Medical Informatics and Technology UMIT) jointly established the new, FWF-funded doctoral program “Image Guided Diagnostics and Therapy- Academic Research Triangle (IGDT- ART)” in 2021. Within this program, 15 PhD positions will be offered for highly qualified early-stage clinical researchers and natural scientists who wish to obtain a doctoral degree, working on clinically oriented PhD projects. From July 2021 on, candidates will be recruited into the prestigious program; with an intended starting date of October 2021. DEADLINE for first round of application: 15th August 2021.
Interested candidates will be able to apply for project topics in clinical application areas, focusing on the general application domains of
1) Radiopharmacy, Nanoparticle imaging, Optical imaging
2) Image fusion, Image segmentation, Mathematics
3) Image guided therapy planning, Trajectory planning, Computer science.
Applicants will be sought with background e.g. in applied mathematics, computer science, chemistry, (radio-)pharmacy, physics, engineering and/or with a medical degree.
Located in the heart of the Alps, Innsbruck hosts the largest research and education institutions in western Austria and provides an inspiring multidisciplinary atmosphere and excellent facilities for research and learning in a spectacular environment.
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